5 November 2017

So Sorry

Have to sincerely apologize to you our followers and customers for the recent lack of offers and posts.

There have been some huge developments within Bedroom Taboo and has, in turn, affected out time for writing up posts and sharing our offers with you.

Please bear with us as these changes are happening. Normal service will resume soon. Orders and queries are our top priority so do not feel like you cannot send us an email about a product or service. We are more than happy for the quick distraction!

As soon as we possibly can, we will get our November Offers up. This month we have #ThePurpleSale happening on Facebook so check it out, follow secretly and throw suggestions for goodies you would love to see featured!
But for the time being, please keep your eyes open on Social Media for A quick goodie for you lovely people putting up with us at this busy time.



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