14 October 2017

Oct Monthly Offers

October is full of scary things. Zombies, Witches, Murderers..... But there are also going to be full of Scary New Things for you to try.
Many of us don't like to admit that there is something in the bedroom department but it is more common than you think.

So here is a few offers for you to help conquer your fears.

15 September 2017

Women! Gain Your Strength

Now every woman knows that keeping fit and eating healthy is key to a longer, happier life.
But I bet you never think about exercising your vagina.

Here are some facts about your lady area.

4 September 2017

Sept Monthly Offers

So September is finally here. Despite how cool and wet summer has been this year, we will always be here to keep the heat well and truly ramped up.

Here are our offers for this month.

16 August 2017

Wishing And Wanting

Everyone ends up wishing and wanting something in their lives. Whether it be a piece of cake after dinner or a holiday abroad. Everyone wants something on life.

So at Bedroom Taboo, we are forever getting messages from our followers saying how they would love a certain object in their drawer or to try something new.
Well, why not create a Bedroom Taboo Wish List.

14 August 2017

Aug Monthly Offers

This August we want you to stop wishing for a little more from your intimate shopping and wanting to get more for your money.
Sign yourself up to Delivery Code, set your profile and Bedroom Taboo wish list and get sharing. Your lover can then buy anything on your wish list and it gets sent straight to you! Or maybe an admirer can send you something anonymously... ;-)

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