16 August 2017

Wishing And Wanting

Everyone ends up wishing and wanting something in their lives. Whether it be a piece of cake after dinner or a holiday abroad. Everyone wants something on life.

So at Bedroom Taboo, we are forever getting messages from our followers saying how they would love a certain object in their drawer or to try something new.
Well, why not create a Bedroom Taboo Wish List.

  • Join Delivery Code.
  • Create your profile and Bedroom Taboo Wish List.
  • Go to our website and click on an item you would like to add to your list.
  • Copy the Web Address and add it to the wish list.
  • Share your wish list with someone you want to drop a hint to, or maybe publically for anonymous admirers.
  • Someone can purchase an item on your wish list and have it sent to you directly.
How easy is that!??
And if you work in the Adult Industry, email us about promoting your Bedroom Taboo Wish List.

Now it is up to you to encourage someone to buy that product you have had your eye on for too long now.

14 August 2017

Aug Monthly Offers

This August we want you to stop wishing for a little more from your intimate shopping and wanting to get more for your money.
Sign yourself up to Delivery Code, set your profile and Bedroom Taboo wish list and get sharing. Your lover can then buy anything on your wish list and it gets sent straight to you! Or maybe an admirer can send you something anonymously... ;-)

14 July 2017

Your Last Night Of Freedom

During the stresses of organizing the wedding and honeymoon, the Hen/Stag Do is one thing to look forward to! But as you the bride-to-be/hubby-to-be, you are not the one organizing the party. But fear not! Here are some suggestions you can hint at.

30 June 2017

July Monthly Offers

Getting hitched? Having a Party? Just some friends round??
Well, how about a gift bag for guests as a fun thank-you for joining you or maybe for the Hen/Stag/Host as the Last Night Of Freedom or thanks for an ace night!

5 June 2017

Birthday Products

So here is a list of products on Special Offer for our 4th Birthday this June.
If you would love a product to be on sale, please email your ideas and we can see about getting a discount on it!


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