14 July 2017

Your Last Night Of Freedom

During the stresses of organizing the wedding and honeymoon, the Hen/Stag Do is one thing to look forward to! But as you the bride-to-be/hubby-to-be, you are not the one organizing the party. But fear not! Here are some suggestions you can hint at.

Cocktail Classes
These are super popular to get the party started and get everyone loosened up for the night ahead. With many bars around that do private cocktail classes for parties of 6+ people at around £100/£150, there is more than enough drinks to go around. And plenty of fun to be had!
Enjoy some classic cocktails like the Cosmopolitan or get some funky new cocktails specialized by the bar.

Burlesque Lessons
If you truly want to get everyone feeling frisky for the night ahead, this is ideal for you. Practice your seductive moves for the big day and get fit doing it! You can get dressed up in burlesque outfits (may be provided, ask when booking) or just get in your gym outfit and get those hips rolling, back bending and tooshie twerking!

Paint Balling
Guys, get yourselves geared up for a day of pain and tactical endeavors. Testosterone pumping and body bruising, there is nothing more satisfying than getting your own back without them actually knowing...! SShhhh! lol.

Traditional Night In
A lot of people are opting with a night in with their friend rather than spending loads of money, and there ae plenty of games you can play at home! Add drinks to spice things up a bit or better yet, add some condoms to some bananas for a fast test, strap on dildo hoopla or Guess The Sex Position. Naughty board games and more to enjoy the night so there is no need for the night in to be boring!

Going Abroad
Another more popular do is a weekend abroad to a sunny location or for an adventure skiing, climbing or shopping. Now some people chip in for their share of the flights, hotels etc. whereas others tend to try and pay for everything so people don't have to struggle to go.

There are oodles of other great and whacky ideas for a Hen/Stag Do and would love to hear your ideas what you are doing or have done for your Last Day OF Freedom.
Comment them below.



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