31 May 2017

June Monthly Offers

Happy Birthday, Bedroom Taboo!

18 May 2017

Sunshine and Slap Happy

May is the time for warmer weather and warm, rosy skin.

And at the office, it is no exception. We have our own favourites that are available for us to trial. Giving each of us a chance to sample our wares and give our feedback to those who ask for advice. So half of the time, have found extra cushions brought in and more trips to the coffee machine. Now, wonder why that is? 😉

8 May 2017

Forever Updated - Only Fans

We wanted to share something with you. Something that could benefit all our Bedroom Taboo fans.

Our avid fans can find us on Only Fans and for $9.99 (£7.71) a month, get a whole heap of goodies on offer, discount exclusive to our members and find out about ideas, gifts, offers and more, well before the general public.

Since setting up our profile, we have been creating more offers for our subscribers that no one else gets. So you can brag about finding an Intimacy Specialist Retailer that gives you more and makes shopping more enjoyable.
Now, do you know of any other Intimacy Retailer that has this kind of membership?

So what can I get from being a member?


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