9 March 2017

Huge News!!

So you might have seen on our social media, a little something we have been working on. And it is huge!!
Something that we have found to be suited to those who wish to spend a little instead of spending a lot and finding it isn't for them. If this sound's like you, this is for you!

We have been working on a huge idea and found that there are only certain Lubricants or Massage Oils that come in sample size. So if you wish to try one that doesn't come as a sample, you have to buy the whole bottle/tube and if you find it isn't right for you, you have wasted money and the product will sit at the back of your naughty drawer way past sell by date!

How about stopping that right now?
Clear out those old products that are years out of date and start experimenting with some new Lubricants/Massage Oils right now.
Browse through our website and choose what you would love to sample. Purchase as many of the samples as you like and once received, we will email you asking what products you wish to sample.

Now, who wouldn't love to get to try so many products without the hassle of full tubs and wasting money??
Afraid, despite being super excited about this and letting everyone know, our Samples are Coming Soon. Keep your eyes peeled for when it is finally on sale.

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