7 December 2016

Frustrating Monthly Orders

Shop Today

Finding yourself frustrated with having to manually order the same products over and over every month?
Would you love to find your orders sent to you with less hassle of ordering them yourself?

Shop Today

Fear not! We are here to rescue you!

Email us a list of your order and we can send you an invoice which you can pay, your order will be processed and dispatched to you asap. Less hassle and fuss of trawling through the process of clicking to add to your basket and adding your details to send orders to, writing up your card details and checking out every month!

Want to add or take a product off your shopping list?
Need to suspend your order until the following month?
Find you have run out earlier than expected?

Not a problem!!

Just send us an Email with your query and we will be more than happy to help you out. After all, who else gives you this personal service?
We hope to be the unique ones here. And make sure you feel more of a personal service as well.

Happy Shopping!!




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