5 October 2016

Mould Your Own - Yucky Or Yum!

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So as you might think, Mould Your Own Dildo or Vagina can be fun to do as well as enjoyable to use. There are a wider range of mould your own than there used to be years a go. Believe it or not, it has become quite popular! It must be because couples want to use their partner's parts rather than a standard dildo or masturbatory device.

From chocolate and rubber, vibrator or candle - Get to feel like a porn star being immortalising your member for your partner to play with every day. The feel of slippery cold slime on a hot body part must be appealing to many. This is definitely a must for something new to try in the bedroom and to carry on getting off using your partner's body part when they are not around to be used and abused. So feel free to shop for your yummy mould your own sex toy! And share your experiences with us, we love to see how much you love your member.#BedroomTaboo 



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