21 June 2015

Rocks Off Box Sets

Rocks Off are more than a brand name. They are an essential part of anyone's Sensual Attire. From teasers to out right pleasers, you cannot go wrong with Rocks Off.

If you wish to request details on any products, feel free to use the Contact Form down the side of the page and we will write up a post with Add To Card buttons so you can purchase products.
Messages and Orders are treated with the strictest of confidenciality.
Bedroom Taboo sell everything at RRP unless we state otherwise. P+P £3.99. Spend £25+ it is Free.
Miss Vixen posts about products and also can take requests to give her views on the products and have Shopping Buttons added. 10% on all her products reviewed. P+P is £3.99.

Check below for New Box Sets.
You won't be disappointed!

19 June 2015

Miss Vixen On Her Jollies

We are sad to inform you that our weekly blogger Miss Vixen is currently on holiday and won't be back until 12th July. So there won't be any posts from her until she is back.

We wish her a fun filled holiday and bring back some Naughty Gifts!

She will be blogging while on her jollies so ensure you follow her blog My Mind and let her know we sent you! Review her other posts here and ensure that you buy and review some of the products. We would love to hear feedback on how you get off on them.

Have a Dirty Weekend!

12 June 2015

Miss Vixen - Bag Of Goodies

So this week I have been thinking of making my own little Goodie Bag.

So I got to find that Bedroom Taboo do Seduction Packs. From the budget to the premium packs. So why not design my own?! I know, anyone can just add products in a basket and call it a Goodie Bag. But why stick with the ones that are stated? No one can stop us from doing so.

Let's take a look at what we can have.

7 June 2015

Miss Vixen - Gold Dust Shimmery Body Blush Powder

 Now this strange beauty caught my eye and I am intrigued by it. 

Gold Dust Shimmery Body Blush Powder

Gold shimmery body power and puff. Made from natural ingredients including honey and a ancient remedy used for skin moisturizing.

 So this caught my eye and would love to know what it would be used for. Dusting the body down for a naughty night or catch the senses of people on a night out.. When would you use it? Personally I think that if it was edible, would be intoxicating for a naughty night in. But this must be like a beautiful pair of stockings. Wear to entice someone into your naughty abode. lol

1 June 2015

Miss Vixen - OhMiBod Freestyle Vibrator

This little beauty has delicately got my juices flowing and so wanted to share it with you.

OhMiBod Freestyle
8" Length - 5-6" Insertable

The Freestyle is the new addition to the OhMiBod family. Unlike the original ohmibod where you plug it into your iPod or any music player and it automatically vibrates to the rhythm and intensity of the music, The freestyle needs no plugging in as it has a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter that has an impressive range of 25 ft. (7.5 m)! 
The Freestyle and transmitter can be connected to your home speaker system so that it's pleasure can be experienced by both partners. 
If your iPod or iphone or mp3 player has run out of battery then no problem as the Freestyle can be switched to the manual mode option, so it can be used without your music. In manual mode, you can enjoy 7 exciting pre-programmed vibration patterns.
Made from body friendly materials and phthalate free, it's velvety finish will free luxurious to touch.

So as a Mad Dance Hardcore Trance Fan, this could well be the one for me! And for those who love a heavy beat or two! Lol
So this can be used with or without music. And you can get your partner to choose the music while you slowly or quickly beg for more. It's a shame though it doesn't come in different colours as I would love it in Neon Green! But this Pink isn't too startling so can be a nice addition to the Naughty Drawer.

Do believe it could be a must for my naughty list. That is a good idea. A Naughty List! Could be something to write up! Heehee


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