18 November 2015

Warm Up Winter

Winter is well and truly here, many of you are digging out your winter clothes and wrapping up snug. Well we are here to keep the bedroom stinking hot! 

Our latest range of Seduction Packs from the Budget Buy to Luxury Spend. We can also tailor our packs to your mood and budget spend so you get a unique pack at a great price. These have seriously got the temperature rising!!

Every Monday we have our #MadDashMonday. Between 10am - 2pm use the code '#MadDashMonday' and get 25% off your £50+ order. How Mad is that?!!

So what's stopping you?!! 

12 November 2015

Naughty or Nice??

Santa is getting his sleigh ready for his journey to every good girl and boy in the land. So we would like to know if you have been naughty or nice this year.

We would love to hear all of your naughty and nice dealings in the comments below and Share this blog post then we want to pick one out as the Naughtiest or Nicest and want to give you £5 off discount code!

Who wants to share then!??


11 November 2015

November News 2015

November has been a busy month and we are not even half way through! We thank you for that one.

If you haven't heard the awesome news yet (You should have subscribed to our #BonanzaNewsletter! Shame on you!) we have been doing some research into new products to add to our range.. And soon you will be seeing more than just naughtiness. How about some saucy, delicious, orgasmic niceness?!! Yes, we put nice with naughty! But we can do.

Keep and eye out for our latest offers on these brand new products as well as the inside scoop on what we are going to be bringing to the bedroom. 

Keep your Lube topped up!!

4 November 2015

Latest Christmas Products

Here are the latest Christmas products added to our webstore. More products are added everyday so ensure you check us out daily. Add the tictail app and search for our shop and follow us, chat with us and buy directly from your phone wherever you are!

Oohh! Need to sign up to our #BonanzaNewsletter to get the latest on a little secret for our Subscribers!  Email us to get signed up today before Friday's publishing!!

30 October 2015

Check Out at Bedroom Taboo

This week we are going to show you how to Check Out.

When you have chosen what products you wish to buy you come to this page.

This secure page is where you see the list of products that re in your cart, shipping and payment options as well as applying any promo code that you may have recieved. This you add by clicking the Apply Promo Code button and enter.

Now once you have filled in the email address and clicked Next Step, then you need to add your Shipping Address and add any notes to us.

Now onto the secure payment. For Credit/Debit Card you need to fill in the details, which are not kept, and send them onto us. You will see the discount entered, tax included in the price and your total to pay.

Upon your purchase you will recieve an email to confirm your order and a tracking code for you to be able to track your order. Also you will be subscribed to our Bonanza Newsletter which has gossip of what is coming soon as well as discounts, freebies and more!

If you wish to subscribe before shopping please Email us and we will add you to our subscription list. 


26 October 2015

Brand New Store

As many of you have heard, finally there is a website for you to shop! Yippy!! So how about checking out http://bedroomtaboo.tictail.com and find out latest products at great prices!

Our store is now fully Mobile so you can click on our link and shop anywhere you are.

Check out some of our Lingerie, Branded Names..

Bondage and many more.

Get the chance to see full details on the product as well as get to Tweet, Pin It or Facebook Like. Share with lovers or naughty friends.

Write a review and give it a star rating. How about checking out some of the Suggested Products?? 

There is no end to the amount of fun you can have with the deals we can offer. So ensure you Like our FanPage, Email us to Subscribe to our Newsletter and pass us on!


15 September 2015

Shopping On The Go

Here at Bedroom Taboo we enjoy being busy and you have definately been keeping us busy.

So we have now got our Brochure mobile so you can browse anywhere you are, note down your products you wish to order using your notes app and message them to us through our FB Page copying and pasting. All that is needed is email and delivery address and you will recieve an invoice of your order. You pay via credit or debit card and your order will be with you within 3-5 working days.

Personalised Shopper Experience
Listening to our customers has got us thinking. You want more of a personal touch to your intimate shopping so why not help you out with that?
  • You let us know your likes, dislikes and how much roughly you wish to spend. 
  • We will troll through our products and search for what we believe you wish to check out.
  • You will recieve a list of products either totalling the spending limit or each are the total limit.
  • Ask us questions about the products listed or if there are any ideas you wish to discuss.
  • Once products are acceptable for you, we will send you an invoice and payment upon request.
  • Your order will be processed and sent to you within 3-5 working days.
Easy! All the hard work is taken away and you get the most personal experience shopping as well as in the bedroom. Now, can you say that you get it anywhere else?! 
Feel free to message for details on how this works and we will do the hard work for you. Only thing you should sweat over is a hot body!! 


14 August 2015

Brand New Passion Range

Feel free to check out these new Lingerie Range

Passion Malloy Bunny Set - £19.80
Two, tall ears are held on a headband for that classic, naughty bunny look, while the accompanying hot pants are revealing enough to show some more of your cheeky side. The look is completed with a teasing tuft of a tail, braces to keep everything in place and a bandeau top, with an open front that reveals just the right amount of cleavage to tantalize any witnesses.


Passion Siena Nurse Set - £19.80
 The outfit features black wrist cuffs with a frilly red trim, a skimpy nurse's apron that is held together and fastened with a raunchy red ribbon and a charming black choker. It also contains a sinister black hat, and red and black G-string to highlight just how naughty this nurse is. Whether you like to tend to the most tender of places, or are just looking for someone to look after your needs, this outfit is sure to fulfil your fantasies.


Passion Fabra Corset - £33.00
With a snug fit that hugs the figure tightly, accentuating each bump and curve in a tasteful, not to mention, sexy style, the corset comes in at the waist to emphasise the bust and hips for a delightful hourglass shape. The entire garment is made from exquisite and intricate lace, with tantalising floral patterns covering the abdomen and bust, allowing only a slight glimpse at what lies beneath. A gorgeous bow detail rests between the cups to present the wearer as a beautiful gift.
Adjustable straps and a lace up back make this a comfortable and easy to remove garment, which comes with a matching, lace thong as well as adjustable and detachable suspenders, ideal for adding stockings with.


Passion Bella Set - £32.00
 Three delectable pieces make up this exciting ensemble, a beautiful bra/tube top, a sexy suspender belt, and a gorgeous matching g-string. The bra utilises a half-cup design to show off ample amounts of bosom, while also combining sheer material, elegant light-blue lace detailing and cute blue bows to add to the refined style. The suspender belt, with adjustable straps, has the same attractive features, for a comprehensively sexy look, while the sheer g-string compliments the two other pieces.


Passion Carley Set - £23.00
 This sexy, scintillating set is a perfect mood-starter, with its seductive two-pieces coming together to make one unforgettable and irresistible ensemble. The set consists of a beautiful boob-tube top, with an enticing matching g-string. Both pieces have an elegant and alluring floral lace pattern, which, while feeling amazing against the skin, also allows for a cheeky peek at the skin beneath. The boob tube also has black panelling to add further mystique to the style.


Passion Colette Set - £22.00
 Coming in the form of two wonderful and sexy pieces, this set consists of a tight, halter neck bra top, and a skirt. Both are made of black wet-look material, which is a brilliant alternative to the more-traditional fetish choices of leather or PVC. This is based on the grounds that it is softer and more comfortable to wear, which also allows for greater flexibility. The alluring bra reveals an exhilarating amount of cleavage, and also has a lace-up back, while the skirt also a similar design, flashing a cheeky bit of buttock to further entice any admirers.


Passion Carole Chemise - £32.00
 A stunning black sheer design flows and hangs off of the body in an alluring and suggestive manner, resting on each bump and curve to create an enticing silhouette of the figure. Its translucent style hints at the flesh beneath, as does the extremely tempting side split, which opens up the chemise and partially exposes the stomach. This split is topped off with a gorgeous blue ribbon detail for a touch of class that complements the blue lace trim around the chest.
A matching black panty, with blue lace trim, is included

Passion Larisa Set - £36.00
This set consists of three exquisite pieces that are sure to whip you and your partner up into a frenzy, these being a flattering bra a stunning garter and suspender set and a matching g-string. The sexy, black material of each part is complemented by a white floral lace design, and gorgeous white bow details adorn the trim, which makes for a glamorous and enticing style that will surely prove to be irresistible.

Passion Lena Set - £33.00
This set consists of a bra, garter belt set and matching thong, all of which come in a sinister yet seductive black and red colour. The bra combines the black lace cups with a shimmering red fabric for an arresting look that will surely capture anyone’s attention. An elaborate combination of tie-up designs and a black lace panel on the garter belt gives it a red-hot style that neither you nor partner will be able to get enough of.


Passion Alison Thong - £9.50
 This skimpy and sweet garment has gorgeous frilly design, with an open front adorned with cute bow detailing for a wonderfully sweet, not to mention sexy, look. A thin black waistband makes this a minimal and simple choice of underwear, which feels comfortable under the clothes, and looks amazing when they come off. Leaving the buttocks exposed, the Allison thong takes a bare-all approach to lingerie, letting your body speak for itself. This item is available in a range of sizes.


Passion Extasy Thong - £10.00
A bold split-front invites attention from any admirer, revealing a sneak peek of the most intimate of spots, and is crowned off with a suggestive red ribbon. The rest of the crotch is covered with an elegant and attractive, white bow and lace design. Flirty and fun, the style is completed with a black frilly waistband, which leads around the back to exposed buttocks for the ultimate in cheeky underwear.


Passion Holly Thong - £10.00
A sexy, wet-look design means that this item clings to the skin tightly, but comfortably, with two straps wrapping around the hips to meet at the buttocks with a diamond-shaped black panel, which features a pink bow detail, revealing the wearer’s cheeky side. At the front, an open panel is decorated with a seductive pink lace-up design.


Passion Kinga Thong - £11.00
A pure white waistband sits low on the hips for an exciting and enticing look, that also means the thong can be worn subtly underneath the clothes. This waistband meets at the back for a style that exposes the buttocks for a cheeky and enticing style that makes the most of the wearer’s body. A front, lace panel allows for a tempting glimpse at what is beneath, as well as providing some elegance with is intricate design.


Passion Lizzy Shorts
Letting the legs speak for themselves, these shorts cut off close to the buttocks for a luscious and revealing look. This pair also sits low on the hips, allowing the wearer to show off plenty of their top half too. The wet-look material from which they are made gives a seductive look similar to a bondage or fetish style, which usually uses PVC or leather. Unlike those materials, however, this wet-look material is far softer and more comfortable, allowing the wearer greater comfort.


Passion Kalypso Range

Sitting low on the hips, the gorgeous floral waistband gives this panty a touch of class, as well as comfort, with the glamorous pattern feeling incredible against the skin, whether it is the wearer’s or their partner’s. This waistband meets at the back, where it comes in at the buttocks, leaving them exposed for a teasing and exciting look that anyone who is lucky enough to see will absolutely adore.

Choose A Colour and Size


7 August 2015

Miss Vixen - Jewelled Butt Plugs

Now, I know I have been coming on here every week for a little while now, But I was supposed to be every fortnight. So will be sticking to it for now.

I have recently noticed that there is a craze going around. Women going out with no undies on and a Jewelled Butt Plug to glamourize their anal region. Which was quite a shock at first but soon as I checked out the butt plugs available I got a thought, Why not make them look good when you wear them?! Although it may not be some people's 'thing' but can be a fun thing to know when out with your Lady (orMan) and add to that naughtiness.
24 Carat Gold Butt Plug - £75.00
Adorn your bottom with this stunning 24C Gold coated butt plug. The small but beautiful plug comes complete with a white crystal to make you really shine.
Comes with a velvet cary case to keep it safe and clean.

Jewel Butt Plug - £38.50

 If you pucker up, then pucker up with some of the most unique anal jewelry available. These all stainless steel plugs are designed for a nice comfortable fit for long term wear. They weigh more than other plugs reminding the wearer of what is inside. The glass cut gemstones finish off the plug and attracts lots of attention to the wearing party. These are true works of art. These jeweled butt plugs make a great gift to your loved one and you will love putting them on them! Sizes: 3 inches in length, 1.1 inches at widest point, .3 inch stem, weight 6.3 oz.

Jewelled Crystal Butt Plug - £48.00

The full length of the metal part is 97 mm (3.8 inch) The "egg" is 64 mm. long with a diameter of 40 mm. Weight: 355 gr.


Now I can safely say they do look utterly beautiful and a must for those who into jewelley big time! But this is deffo not for me. Not unless I can put them in a glass cabinet to be shown off.


Bedroom Taboo do all sorts of butt plugs from beginners and inflateable to dog tails and vibrators. So there is one to acommodate everyone! Except those who don't use them.. There are many other toys they can use!!
Email me for details on other toys and will post on here for you to view.


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