10 November 2014

Nov 10th 2014 - Latest Offers

For our First post we are showing you all that we have on offer.

This month we are Featuring our Lingerie Range so browse through for the latest Saucy Undies and Petite Fancy Dress.

We have 15% Off selected products and would love you to give us your feedback on what you would love to have added. For this month only so get in quick.

It is getting closer by the second and we have loads of goodies for you to get your loved one or make your #Wishlist and share it to get exactly what you want! There is a list of Goodie Packs and soon will have new stock added for Christmas Cheer.

Remember to Register before you shop. Get your password and Welcome Code to get 5% off your first shop. Along with other discounts, freebies etc. you can also get 5% Off Your shop! So what are you waiting for??

Please join us on www.facebook.com/BedroomTaboo for Unique Offers, Deals and more. Also #Subscribe to our Bonanza Newsletter to get even more of an Insight and Special Freebies, Discounts and more just for our Subscribers!




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