31 August 2016

Massive September Goings On

September is in full swing and our office has been buzzing with excitement. 

September Sale

  • 15% Off selected Whips, Floggers, Paddles and Riding Crops.
  • 20% Off  Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Massager when you use code SATPRO2 upon Checkout.
  • £10 Off Godemiche Galaxy Ambit Dildo.
  • Free Naughty Willy Ice Cubes with your £25+ Order.

There are extras for our #BonanzaNewsletter subscribers like Extra Freebies, Selected Discounts etc. so ensure that you don't miss out on these, just email us to get signed up today.

Huge News!!
This October we will announce something Brand New and the atmosphere is so electric we have to bite our lips to keep this secret! Would you like to find out what that will be?? We will be announcing this to our Subscribers at the end of this week and to the public on October. 
So there is even more reason to subscribe today. 

Christmas Is Coming To Bedroom Taboo
Yes, it is coming round quickly this year. And we are starting to get ourselves ready for a mad rush. So keep your eyes open for great offers, goodies and more to kick off Christmas the right way.


24 August 2016

Sexhibition 2016

After seeing how much fun Sexhibition looked last year, We just had to go and check it out this year. So we made our way to Manchester on Sat and had a good mooch around. 

The first thing we was greeted with was a beautiful show on the Main Stage. There was many acts on through out the day but we was wanting to get our noses into the stalls. So we first made our way around many Leather, Latex and Toys stalls before we bumped into KinkCraft.

We have been talking with KinkCraft for over a year now and with our creative juices flowing, just had to get stuck in to their Mini Flogger Workshop. Being shown the basics, we got given our paracord and started 'knitting'! It is so much fun chatting with others over our Mini Floggers about pleasure, pain and everything in between!
But after getting half way through making our black and purple Mini Flogger, we really wanted to mix the colours. Which was too late to do afterwards! Do enjoy being a little cheeky, so we asked if we could make another after we had a good look around the rest of the stalls. Which they said yes! So leaving them with a que forming around the #Mini Flogger Workshop, we carried on walking around with Mini Flogger in hand.



After a good mooch around we got to see some creative products - SlubeWhips By Wolf, Distinct Perception PhotographyZhyonBoblyDungeon KitSubSpace LeathersOutlandish CreationsCharlotte Rose plus many more!
We had to grab a Penis Pourer from Bobly and wish we had got a small tea set from Outlandish Creations but we will definately have to check them out online for sure. Meeting Charlotte Rose was another person we wanted to see. We recently started sponsoring her on her Solo Cruade to decriminalise Sex Work within the UK and has many events she will be hosting and attending. So please visit her website, subscribe to her Radio Show and spread the word.



After we had finished our day trip around the stalls, we went back to KinkCraft and made a Purple, Blue and Black Mini Flogger which we are super proud of! And bouncing ideas back and forth with them has got more ideas going than a little. So watch this space, We could well have our own Exclusive Bedroom Taboo Flogger on the shelves in the near future.
Also got to bump into Just_Indecerous on our way round, getting his hands on some new products to review soon so be aware that he is after something to get him buzzing! lol

The whole experience was better than expected, very warm and welcoming. Everyone is so open to new things and accepting of people whatever their personal preference. It makes a difference when you are in an open atmosphere how you feel and react to others. With it being our first time, was pleasantly surprised how unbiased we was when seeing people dressed up, toys being passed around and seeing body parts that are normally uncovered in the bedroom. 
Also, it is refreshing to be able to talk about the intimacy business without feeling like people's noses turning up or not understanding. 

Please let us know if you was at the Sexhibition and let us know what you enjoyed the most. 
Hope to see you there next year!

16 August 2016

Huge House Of Eros Sale

Aug has been huge and so is our Sale!!

This Aug we are having a huge Sale on all House Of Eros Bondage Range.

From the novice to the experienced, get the most out of your BDSM play and save on your shop!

Grab while you can! Stock has been running out quite quickly so DO NOT MISS OUT!!

Also we have brand new DONA personal hygiene range, for those who want to get extra sexy for that one special night.

Do have our eye on the massage oils which has already sold out! Will grab once it is back in stock because it will soon go again!

Aug has been super busy but despite all the running around you are putting us through, we still make time to answer your questions, aid in your shopping experience and ensure you get the up most satisfaction with your purchases.

Sat 20th we will be taking a lookie around the Annual Sexhibition in Manchester for new and upcoming goodies around. If you spot our #BedroomTaboo logo around, be kind enough to say Hi!
So ensure that you watch this space as we gather as much networking information as possible, trying not to get too turned on along the way!



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