28 December 2017

Jan 2018 Monthly Offers

We hope that you had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Ready for some great offers for January?? Find out what is in store for you below!

14 November 2017

Nov Monthly Offers

As we always do every year, we have our own version of 'Black Friday'.

The Purple Sale

5 November 2017

So Sorry

Have to sincerely apologize to you our followers and customers for the recent lack of offers and posts.

There have been some huge developments within Bedroom Taboo and has, in turn, affected out time for writing up posts and sharing our offers with you.

Please bear with us as these changes are happening. Normal service will resume soon. Orders and queries are our top priority so do not feel like you cannot send us an email about a product or service. We are more than happy for the quick distraction!

As soon as we possibly can, we will get our November Offers up. This month we have #ThePurpleSale happening on Facebook so check it out, follow secretly and throw suggestions for goodies you would love to see featured!
But for the time being, please keep your eyes open on Social Media for A quick goodie for you lovely people putting up with us at this busy time.

14 October 2017

Oct Monthly Offers

October is full of scary things. Zombies, Witches, Murderers..... But there are also going to be full of Scary New Things for you to try.
Many of us don't like to admit that there is something in the bedroom department but it is more common than you think.

So here is a few offers for you to help conquer your fears.

15 September 2017

Women! Gain Your Strength

Now every woman knows that keeping fit and eating healthy is key to a longer, happier life.
But I bet you never think about exercising your vagina.

Here are some facts about your lady area.

4 September 2017

Sept Monthly Offers

So September is finally here. Despite how cool and wet summer has been this year, we will always be here to keep the heat well and truly ramped up.

Here are our offers for this month.

16 August 2017

Wishing And Wanting

Everyone ends up wishing and wanting something in their lives. Whether it be a piece of cake after dinner or a holiday abroad. Everyone wants something on life.

So at Bedroom Taboo, we are forever getting messages from our followers saying how they would love a certain object in their drawer or to try something new.
Well, why not create a Bedroom Taboo Wish List.

14 August 2017

Aug Monthly Offers

This August we want you to stop wishing for a little more from your intimate shopping and wanting to get more for your money.
Sign yourself up to Delivery Code, set your profile and Bedroom Taboo wish list and get sharing. Your lover can then buy anything on your wish list and it gets sent straight to you! Or maybe an admirer can send you something anonymously... ;-)

14 July 2017

Your Last Night Of Freedom

During the stresses of organizing the wedding and honeymoon, the Hen/Stag Do is one thing to look forward to! But as you the bride-to-be/hubby-to-be, you are not the one organizing the party. But fear not! Here are some suggestions you can hint at.

30 June 2017

July Monthly Offers

Getting hitched? Having a Party? Just some friends round??
Well, how about a gift bag for guests as a fun thank-you for joining you or maybe for the Hen/Stag/Host as the Last Night Of Freedom or thanks for an ace night!

5 June 2017

Birthday Products

So here is a list of products on Special Offer for our 4th Birthday this June.
If you would love a product to be on sale, please email your ideas and we can see about getting a discount on it!


31 May 2017

June Monthly Offers

Happy Birthday, Bedroom Taboo!

18 May 2017

Sunshine and Slap Happy

May is the time for warmer weather and warm, rosy skin.

And at the office, it is no exception. We have our own favourites that are available for us to trial. Giving each of us a chance to sample our wares and give our feedback to those who ask for advice. So half of the time, have found extra cushions brought in and more trips to the coffee machine. Now, wonder why that is? 😉

8 May 2017

Forever Updated - Only Fans

We wanted to share something with you. Something that could benefit all our Bedroom Taboo fans.

Our avid fans can find us on Only Fans and for $9.99 (£7.71) a month, get a whole heap of goodies on offer, discount exclusive to our members and find out about ideas, gifts, offers and more, well before the general public.

Since setting up our profile, we have been creating more offers for our subscribers that no one else gets. So you can brag about finding an Intimacy Specialist Retailer that gives you more and makes shopping more enjoyable.
Now, do you know of any other Intimacy Retailer that has this kind of membership?

So what can I get from being a member?

26 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 24 - 30

15% Off all Rabbit Vibrators all week.

Ensure you don't miss out on this offer along with our other Easter Goodies for this month.


23 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 23

Vibe Therapy Delight Slim Line G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator
RRP £75.99
35% Off - £49.39

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk.


With all the hustle and bustle of your hectic life, what better way to fully relax and soothe away all your stress than with a session of Vibe Therapy.

This range of chic, personal vibes are fully waterproof and have a full complement of vibrating and rotating functions.
Made from 100%, medical grade Japanese silicone, all the vibes are hygienically friendly, and supremely smooth to the touch.
The controls are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand so you can give yourself a fully therapeutic experience.

3 Speeds: Pulsating
3 Speeds: Vibrating
3 Speeds: Rotating
1 Speed: Escalating


22 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 22

We-Vibe Wish Blue Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
RRP £98.99
30% Off - 69.29

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk.

The brand new We-vibe Wish is the ultimate clitoral stimulator. It's petite, powerful and designed for broad stimulation and well as more targeted pleasure. This toy has a clever pebble shape that reaches your sweetest spots with ease. It is made from silky soft silicone and feels luxurious against your skin. This pebble vibrator is USB rechargeable for anytime fun and we love that it has a magnetic charger that simply snaps into place.

This clitoral vibrator uses PowerPulse technology, We-vibes most intense vibrations for maximum stimulation. It targets the vulva as well as stimulating the internal and external clitoral nerves for incredible pleasure. This clitoral vibrator can be used with the We-Connect app for long distance play between partners, as well as added extra features. It comes with 10 vibration settings, and the waterproof design allows you to take your play beyond the bedroom. This toy is latex and phthalate free and gives you up to 90 minutes of play from a single charge. It can be used with a water-based lubricant for enhanced stimulation.

Feature summary

  • Plush exterior with ultra powerful rumbly vibrations
  • Broad vulva stimulation, stimulates the external and internal clitoral nerves
  • Exclusive new PowerPulseTM vibration technology
  • 10 plus vibration modes
  • App ready. Works with the We-Connect app for more control and additional features
  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable, charges in 90 minutes for up to 2 hours of pleasure
  • Low power alert indicator
  • Simple magnetic charger that snaps into place
  • Whisper quiet
  • Body-safe silicone, free from phthalates, latex and BPA
  • Discreet storage bag
  • 1-year warranty 


21 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 21

We-Vibe Rave G-Spot Vibrator
RRP £89.99
30% Off - £62.99

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk

The We-Vibe Rave is the ultimate G-spot vibrator for targeted pleasure. It can be used with the specially designed We-Vibe App for custom play or for long distance partner pleasure.

The Rave G-spot vibrator by We-Vibe features an asymmetrical design that turns every movement and twist into incredible pleasure. This vibrator has 10 preset modes of vibration that range from Vibrate and Pulse to Wave, Cha-cha and Tease. It also features a Ramp, Tempo, Massage, Step and Heartbeat option for even more variety.

It delivers 2 hours of pleasure from a full charge and you can simply press down on the handle to increase the pressure and intensity even more. This vibrator has a soft edge to stimulate and tease. It rumbles for a deeply satisfying encounter, while the whisper-quiet motor ensures discretion.

This vibe is USB rechargeable and the We-Connect App allows you to create custom vibrations to suit your mood. The ergonomic design complements the natural shape of your body. This toy is splash proof and features a charger that simply snaps into place for easy use.


20 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 20

Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Massager
RRP £56.99
30% Off - £39.89

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 gives women what they want, the power to enjoy intense and multiple orgasms in the palm of their hand.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is an elegant stimulator that will thrill users with its unique air-pressure technology. The Satisfyer Pro 2 has a silicone tip that is placed over the clitoris. When on, the stimulator creates intense vacuum pressure waves and tingling pulsations, right where she wants it.

The Satisfyer Pro is not only USB-rechargeable and whisper-quiet: it also boasts a 100% waterproof surface.This enables users to take the toy with them in the bathtub or shower for a pleasurable session of self-indulgence. This special stimulator has a contemporary silhouette with a rose gold color scheme and offers 11 intense stimulation functions.

To turn on the toy press the power button, and switch it off by holding the button down for 2 seconds. To change between the different functions, simply press the larger button. The Satisfyer is rechargeable, with a USB charger that connects to the toy magnetically.


19 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 19

Jimmy Jane Ascend 1 Clitoral Vibrator
RRP £51.99
30% Off - £36.39

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk.

The Ascend provided powerful clitoral stimulation that is ideal for solo play or fun with a friend. The slim pebble shape is curved to cup to the contours of the body for use during sex and fit perfectly into the palm of your hand.

It has a flexible design so bends for comfort, 3 speeds and 3 modes. It's USB rechargeable and lasts up to 2 hours plus with a single charge, also 100% waterproof.


17 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Day 17-18

Mae B Remote Control Soft Touch Simulator Egg
RRP £48.99
30% Off - £34.29

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk

A beautiful and sleek vibrating egg in smooth silicone that's fully waterproof. The push button remote controller works the 7 functions with easy allowing you to enjoy the thrilling sensations. The controller is not waterproof.


12 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 10-16

E-Stim Sale
25% off all Electric Stimulation Range from 10th - 16th April.
Enjoy a little more Spark in your sex life.

Also, ensure you keep following us on Social Media to find out what other goodies we have for you this month!


9 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 9

Rocks Off 7 Speed Ramsey Rabbit Bullet Vibrator Purple
RRP £19.99
25% off - £14.99

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk.

Mini rabbit shaped silicone sleeve on top of a removable 7 speed bullet.


8 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 8

Rocks Off Love Balls
RRP £24.99
25% Off - £18.74

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk.

2 pleasure balls with easy retrieval cord.


7 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 7

Ovo L1 Silicone Love Balls Waterproof White And Light Violet
RRP £20.00
25% Off - £14.99

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk.

The German Designed L1 Love Balls from ovo are gently looped and feature a leash with jewellery. The L1 is waterproof, inaudible and constructed of lead-free, phthalate-free, 100% body-safe silicone material.


6 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 6

Fifty Shades Of Grey Delicious Pleasure Silicone Pleasure Balls
RRP £19.99
25% Off - £14.99

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk.

Smooth silicone encases two lightly weighted free-roaming spheres. Tome and tighten your muscles for increased control and heighten stimulation during and after play.


5 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 5

Je Joue Ami Kegel Balls
RRP £59.99
40% Off - £35.99

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk.

The best 3 piece trainer set for women. The pubococcygeus (PC muscle) is the hammock-like muscle that stretches from your pubic bone to coccyx, supporting your pelvic organs and internal genitalia. A strong PC muscle is the key to more intense orgasms and greater urinary control, as well as helping during childbirth.


4 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 4

Tenga Egg Lotion
RRP £7.49
Yours Free when you buy 2 or more Tenga Eggs
Valid for 24 hours

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk.

Handy squeezable lubricant pot shaped like on of the Tenga Eggs. I have a easy flip lid and hold 65ml of lube to use with your egg masturbator or any toy that takes your fancy.


3 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 3

Jelly Rabbit Vibrating Cock Ring
RRP £8.99
Yours Free when you spend £30+
Valid for 24 hours

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk.

Ultra Soft cockring plus silver removable multi-speed mini bullet. BUT ALSO WATERPROOF.


2 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 2

Eve After Dark 7x Rabbit Vibe Shimmer
RRP £67.49
25% Off - £50.61
Valid for 24 hours

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk.

7x rabbit vibe with 5.5 insertable inch (14 cm) shaft. External bunny has 7 functions of vibration and pulsation. 1.7" thick shaft (4.3 cm) has 7 rows of beads that rotate at 6 different speeds. Tapered tip gyrates with the motion of the beads. Bunny and beads are controlled by separate motors. Phallic tip and raised veins on shaft. Phthalate free. 4-AA batteries (not included).


1 April 2017

Hoppin' Mad Event Day 1

Fifty Shades Darker Oh My Rabbit Vibrator
RRP £79.99 

20% Off - £59.99
Valid for 24 hours.

To claim this offer, email sale@bedroomtaboo.co.uk.

Coupling pinpoint clitoral stimulation with exquisite internal intensity, the Fifty Shades Darker Oh My Rabbit Vibrator creates thrilling blended sensation for spellbinding ecstasy. A sculpted silicone shaft shadows your body's contours for effortless insertion, tipped with a curved taper to escalate pressure on your G-spot. 

Twin motors power out eight patterns of waves and pulses, each featuring 12 levels of intensity for precision tailored play and endless options for exploration. Travel friendly and waterproof for versatile play options, charge between uses with the included USB cable to keep your rabbit ready to please. Includes a luxury storage bag and USB charging cable.


29 March 2017

April Monthly Offers

Hoppin' Mad Easter Event

26 March 2017

Easter Raffle 2017

Last year our Easter Raffle went down a treat and we wanted to give it another go!
So take a look at our latest Raffle Prize.


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