17 July 2016

#SleepySunday Slumber

Despite being super busy this week with all of your orders and queries, we still find the time to get in as much bedtime as possible! 
And this is where we get our inspiration for #Offers, #Deals, #Discounts and #Goodies for you all. Some of them we won't be sharing with you just yet (As it is a surprise!). But we do have one idea that we want your feedback on. 

We want to give our #BonanzaNewsletter subscribers a #Freebie in the near future. If you would like to become a subscriber, please email us asking to be added to our Subscribers List. 
Please comment below:
  • What you would love to have as a #Freebie. Browse our website to choose a product.
  • If you would share our #BonanzaNewsletter with others to share the #Freebie.
  • If you follow us online - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blog 
Also, there are some good things coming up for the rest of the year, ensure that you are the first to find out! Follow us and get the inside look before others.


12 July 2016

Website Overhaul

There has been some grand designs set up for us this year and can safely say, we are pleased as punch with things so far! Just cannot wait to share some of them with you. Despite wanting to keep some of them as a surprise for you.

Biting our lip is something we can only do for so long, here is where our first grand design is shared with you. 
Here you can see that we have a brand new logo. Designed by Chad's Design we wanted something that showed Bedroom Taboo as sensual and lustful. And that we have got! So our website is in need of a overhaul. 

With our new logo there was a need for a new website. So with this we have been asking for our customers to be patient as things are currently under construction. Despite the slight upset, we, along with you, are so excited for the brand new look for our business. 

Thank you for your feedback and patience while we conduct our designing. Please feel free to shop with us as normal at Bedroom Taboo and email any enquiries you may have. 



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