19 May 2015

Miss Vixen - This Way To Heaven Stockings

After a good mooch through some of the stock I just had to get writing about these stockings. I mean, what else would a woman want their partner to find than the  Way To Heaven!?

So I just had to let you know about them. 

Croquette This Way To Heaven Stockings
One Size - 8-12
Sheer stockings with unique design. To be worn with a Suspender Belt.

Have fallen in love with these and just have to let my partner know to get me some!! But had such a lovely thought, what if there was a place that sold custom made stockings? Where you can put any sort of design on them from quotes for the back seam to diamant√© hearts! Now that has got my mind wandering... 

18 May 2015

Miss Vixen Excitement

Hello all!

I am so thrilled to be writing on Bedroom Taboo's blog. Have so much running through my mind (Naughty and Nice) that I can hardly keep the smile off my face! 

So I have been given exclusive access to their stock and I will be writing about them. Not as a review, as I don't get to play with them yet! But will give you a look into what I am checking out and what ideas are being played out in my mind. This could get very rude! Yess!! 

So ensure that you stick around and let's see what fun we can have shall we??

Fortnightly Miss Vixen Blog

We are proud to announce that we have a new Blogger who will be posting every 2 weeks. 

Miss Vixen will be posting about fetishes, Fantasies, Toys, Lingerie and more so feel free to follow us and comment below of any subjects you may wish to have blogged. There may be something you wish to read so ask! 



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