28 December 2014

Dec 28th 2014 - #Christmas and #NewYear

We hope that you have had a great #Christmas this year. We have had lots of #Naughty goodies! Mainly because we have been Extra #Nice this year.. Well..... Heehee!! 

The #NewYear has been planned out to be even better than the last! So who here would like the inside scoop?! Register on www.bedroomtaboo.co.uk to get our #BonanzaNewsletter and get all the Gossip on what you can save and what goodies are coming in! 

Have your fantasies explored this New Year with new toys to try. De clutter the Naughty Drawer and explore new heightened thrills. If you fancy some tips, feel free to email info@bedroomtaboo.co.uk 
We are more than happy to help!

We hope you had a lovely #Christmas and cannot wait to have you join us in the #NewYear



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